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Out of the Blues is a support group and a forum for mums suffering post natal illness (PNI) here in Dubai. They offer an online forum and support network via the five Blue Angels.

The Blue Angels are expat mums who have experienced PNI (also called post natal depression) and together are determined to help all the other mums in Dubai suffering from PNI in their “hour of need”. You do not need to suffer alone.

They were very lucky to have found one another and helped each other survive through our darkest days. Now, they can be there for you. Read more

the forgotten chapter of antenatal classes

Although this may appear to be about couples and families, it is really about women and mothers. What happens to the woman, the wife and the mother when the “couple” they are part of becomes a family?
My apologies to men: the next article will be about you and paternal voices. For the time being, for the sake of your beloved companion and your future family, be still and listen. Do so selflessly because at the end of the day, what makes her happy will benefit you too. Read more

Could you tell me what’s the law for registering a baby if we were married 3 months after pregnancy? Read more

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