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Want to jet off on a big trip, except you feel you can’t because you’re pregnant? Don’t let the bump stop you. I’ve travelled extensively throughout both of my pregnancies and have just followed some basic precautions. If you’re eager to travel while pregnant (and why not, it may be your last big hurrah before your new life with your baby) here are some things you may wish to know: Read more

Living in Dubai and the UAE means that there are nice and exotic beach holiday destinations close by. Taking a holiday when you are pregnant can be a great idea. If it is your first baby it’s likely to be a while before you will get another chance to lie on a beach and really relax, and if you’ve got other children, this could be an opportunity to spend quality time with them before the new arrival.

But there are things you need to consider before you go, like when you can fly, travel insurance, your health, vaccination and hygiene, and safety on your planned destination. Remember to always consult your medical provider before you go ahead with your holiday plans. Read more

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