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For those of you not willing to pay over 100 AED for your Halloween pumpkin, there is a solution!  Head over to the Fruit  & Vegetable Market in Ras Al Khor right off Emirates Road.  I ventured there this morning on a hunt to find an affordable pumpkin to carve with my children.  While I did not find the standard bright orange Jack O Lantern pumpkins, I did manage to find rather large pumpkins of a lighter orange shade – totally carve worthy.  The best part – the price – a mere 3 dhs/kg!  I kid you not.  After having visited several supermarkets and realizing I would have to shell out a good 25-30 dhs/kg, this price blew me off my feet. I left there with 2 large pumpkins ans a small one for a total of only 20 dirhams! Read more

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