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The National Ramadan KareemWe round up a list of registered local and international charities and non-profit organisations, one for every day of the holy month, through which you can give back to the community.

Day 1: Adopt-a-Camp Foundation This registered non-profit organisation has been working with more than 57,000 labourers living in 53 camps. Its volunteers are busy all year round giving English lessons, organising sports tournaments and scheduling counselling and hygiene sessions. Every year, Adopt-a-Camp also organises Iftars. Visit; email

Day 2: The Palestine Children’s Relief Fund PCRF was established in 1991 to provide medical support to Palestinian youth affected by the humanitarian crisis in the Middle East. It has now extended its services to all children in need of treatment and aid in the region.

Read more from the National here

MoonsightingThe UAE Ramadan Moon Sighting Committee has announced that Ramadan in the UAE for the Hijri year 1436 will begin on Thursday, June 18.

Don’t forget school timings will be later tomorrow! Check what time your schools gates will open and don’t be late for the earlier pick ups.

Whilst young children are allowed to eat in public please be mindful of those that are fasting and be discreet. Do not eat, drink, or smoke in public during the fasting hours. This includes chewing gum. Read more

Greek-Salad-2-150x150It’s that time of year again with Ramadan knocking on our door and despite living in a Muslim society, Dubai is a pretty tolerant one, so we’re lucky many stand-alone restaurants and cafés do obtain a special licence to operate in daylight. The independent eateries open to dine in for lunch and in some cases breakfast too over the holy month. As always, expect hotels and members clubs to have at least one restaurant open, if not more. Read more

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