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Hello, I have been living in Dubai for 21 years now. I am a 30 year old male who works in an advertising firm in Media City. I spent my childhood here and have literally seen this city grow with me. I have been living with my parents since 2 years ago when I got married and our family of 8 moved to a bigger house in Rashidiya. Now, I want to move out. My wife and I earn 15K/month and my wife (who is an architect) is looking for a job in an architecture/interior design firm. I have been away from DEWA bills and house rents etc but now reality is hitting me and when I calculate I cannot seem to “survive” on my salary. Could you advise where my wife and I should move to (probably closer to where I work) and how much is this cost of living going to be. Your help would be highly appreciated. Read more

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