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3d illustration of house with ckecklist. White background.The property search is over. You have now decided which property to go for. Next step? Get yourself ready with what documents you need to provide and to receive when renting a property in Dubai with the help of this checklist.


For individuals:

• Passport copy with signature page
• UAE residence visa or letter from employer/sponsor that visa is under process
• UAE bank account and cheque book

For the company:

• Trade License
• Passport copy with signature page of the signatory
• Proof that signatory is authorized to sign on behalf of the company (i.e. Board Resolution or POA)
• Passport copy with signature + UAE residence visa of occupant


• Title Deed (if not available, Oqood and/or Affection Plan)
• Passport copy with signature page of all listed in the Title Deed
• Trade License and passport of autorized signatory (if under company name)
• Proof of ownership

It is important that these documents are all valid and in hand before making any payment. This is to ensure that no issue will occur later on. For example, if Title Deed or Oqood is not available then it may be possible that tenancy contract will not be registered in Ejari. The Ejari registration is a must if you need to sponsor family member(s) and/or a housemaid.


• Security Deposit – 5% if unfurnished/semi-furnished, 10% if fully-furnished
      ◦ To be refunded by the landlord upon move out of the tenant in the property
• Rent Amount
      ◦ Terms of Payment can be negotiated with the landlord (i.e. 2 or 4 cheques)
      ◦ Agency fee – 5% of the total rent amount payable to the real estate agency representing the landlord

View our helpful checklist for guidance.

ask louiseQuestionPlease could you advise what is a Municipality Affection Plan Copy?  Please also advise who gets this – the landlord or the tenant?  I am a landlord – must I give my Title Deeds to the tenant? Read more

Finding a property to rent in Dubai can sometimes be overwhelming with small print, different laws, dealing with absent landlords and all the negotiations so the best way to begin the property search is with a fully qualified agent with good local knowledge. The majority of people living in Dubai are expats and therefore many of them are only here for a few years so many prefer to rent rather than buy. Over the years supply of rental properties has become a lot more abundant but which one should you choose? Read more

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