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Moving from one side of the world to the other presents a number of daunting challenges. Whether its acclimating to the distinct climate, adapting to the local culture, or making new friends, sometimes the adjustment can seem overwhelming. Add finding a job to the list and the situation becomes downright stressful.

Some of us travel to Dubai with gainfully employed spouses while others come on visitor visas with the hopes of securing employment in a fixed amount of time. No matter your time frame, there are a number of different tactics and resources that can be used to help you find a job in Dubai.

If you’re looking to ease into your job search then making use of the many UAE based job posting websites (Gulf Talent, Bayt, Monster Gulf) is a good beginning. Most companies or recruitment agencies will use these sites to post any available positions. In addition, many company websites will have a “careers” section that allows you to view job openings and submit your CV. It should be noted, however, that online applications have become very popular, so standing out from the hundreds of applications submitted online can be difficult. Read more

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