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Every day without fail, come rain, wind or shine (or sand storm) an individual or family packs their belongings and joins the millions of people leaving their homeland. Believe it or not it’s not always to the sun but still they wave goodbye in droves, titanic style, to their folks with a belief that their happiness and success lies elsewhere. Airlines and relocation companies, amongst others, around the world have benefited from the past global financial meltdown as seeking security can now often mean uprooting the family and leaving behind everything you hold dear to begin again. Read more

Myself and Girlfriend (both of us 25) intend to move to Dubai in Jan 2014. However we are unsure of when we should be applying for jobs and what is the best way of doing it? We have both been working for the last two years, I’ve been working in insurance/finance and Sarah in sales/marketing, we both have business related degrees. Any information and advice you may have would be really appreciated. Read more

I have always wanted to live in Dubai or Abu Dhabi. At the moment I am working in SA as a Finance Project Manager however, I am from Europe. At the end of the Project I would like to move to Dubai. Could you please help me as to where to start with seeking jobs or build up professional and personal relationships? Read more

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