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There are a number of things to think about when you are pregnant in Dubai and the UAE. It is of utmost importance for a woman to be married if pregnant in the UAE. At the hospital when you go for your first check-up, you will need to show an original marriage certificate along with copies of your passport and visa. If you are unmarried and pregnant, you should either get married or expatriate unmarried expectant mothers should return to their home countries for the delivery. Also note that abortions in Dubai are illegal unless there are medical complications and the abortion is sanctioned by the hospital.

Another thing you should do is to contact your insurance company and ask if they cover all your maternity costs. Find out if they cover the whole amount or if you have a limited budget. It’s quite common that you have to pay and claim the money from your insurance company. Read more

DEWA-Housing-FeesWhen moving to Dubai and looking for property it is important to budget for the ‘Housing Fee‘ which needs to be paid for on top of your rent.

This fee  is imposed by the Dubai Municipality.

Dubai Municipality is one of the largest governmental institutions  in charge of cultural and heritage development, apartments and buildings regulation, food control, drainage network, sewage treatment, public parks, public health and safety, and various other municipal affairs and services.

The Housing Fee is calculated as 5% of the yearly rental charges which is then divided into 12 equal installments and added each month to your DEWA (water and electricity bill).  Dubai Municipality base your annual rent on the Dubai Rent Index so if this is too high you must contact the municipality and advise them of your rent. Read more

move-one-truckFor any expat, shipping the contents of a home to a new country is a nerve-wracking experience. There is always the worry that items might be stolen, lost or damaged by water or fire.

But in an age where companies can easily be named and shamed online, expats like to assume their belongings will arrive on time and in perfect condition.

But that is not always the case.

“I’d say one out of every three or four international shipments has some sort of claim for damage,” says Curt Clements, chief executive of Dubai-based Move One Inc, which has been in the moving business since 1992 and operates in 41 countries. Read more

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