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ReloBig companies booking a Relocation company in Dubai for their employees, be aware that it may be dangerous to sign with a real estate company which opens up a relocation division and then have it not lasting in the market.
The Dubai-based property agency S&K Estate Agents, better known as Smith & Ken, yesterday confirmed that it has filed for bankruptcy. A note was left on the door for staff to find in Dubai on Wednesday morning. Read more

move-one-truckYou’ve taken the mammoth decision and you are leaving Dubai! 

Once you are over the shock how do you plan for that big move?  Expat Echo Dubai has decided to give you a few guidelines to follow:

Book the Moving Company

Before the moving company arrive at your house to give you a quote have a good think about what household goods you are really intending to ship.   Think about it seriously “do you really need to ship the gas bbq, how many bbq’s will you be hosting in Aberdeen?”.  Are your kids now teenagers, will they really be wanting their old bedroom furniture shipped will they not want some new stuff? Once you have decided on what you are taking and maybe what souvenirs you will be buying to take home get the movers in to give you a quote.  It is worth noting the summer months in Dubai are very busy for moving companies so plan and book well in advance. Read more

Moving Tips 2It is very important that you make time to get your contents which you are shipping surveyed.

If the contents are not surveyed and you book for example 15 cubic metres this is what you will be quoted.  However, when the packers come and the volume exceeds this amount you will be charged  extra.  Moving surveyors accurately measure your goods and provide a quotation based on this measurement.

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