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Watch our informational guide before relocating your beloved friend

If you are about to travel with your pet, watch this informational video. Move One’s Pet Transportation department gives you step-by-step instructions on how to correctly measure your pet before transportation. The video also includes tips on choosing the right size kennel for your dog, whether it is for a short trip or for a relocation across the globe. Read more

Moving has never been easier, book your local move with experienced professionals.

Move One will support all your moving needs within the UAE and beyond.

To avoid disappointment be sure to book your moving date well in advance.

Get your free moving quote now! Call 800 MOVE ONE (6683663). Read more

As you move into your new home you will likely be faced with many upgrades and changes, which you want to make in order to ensure you and your family is comfortable in your new surroundings; one of these Dubai necessities is glass window tinting.

Window tinting films are a clear layer of plastic that is professionally installed onto your existing glass windows and doors, to improve certain properties of your glass in terms of reducing heat gain, eliminating sun glare and blocking harmful UV rays. Available in a number of different shades, there is a strong focus on still allowing plenty of natural light to enter your home, but without the negative effects that the sun can bring. Read more

You’ve bagged your dream job, sourced a beautiful villa and your kids have been offered a school place – Dubai here you come! Now for the packing. One of the most popular questions people ask the team at Move One Relocations is what they can and cannot bring into the UAE.

The following items cannot be brought into the UAE – so don’t put them in your shipment or suitcases. Your belongings are certain to be checked using x-ray etc. and any banned items uncovered are sure to be confiscated, cause lengthy and inconvenient delays, and may even result in fines. Some items on the banned list may seem obvious to you but others may surprise you. Read more

You’re all excited as you have finally clinched that great job in Dubai. Sunshine all year long and great hospitality on your doorstep but it is the search for schools that is on your mind. Dubai is lucky enough to be served by many excellent schools, some attaining outstanding results but with so many listed on the Internet, how do you choose? Well, if possible try not to sign on a property until you have secured school places for your child as you could find yourself traveling unnecessary kilometers each day, driving children to and from school and activities. Read more

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