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ask louiseQuestionI have been an expat living in Dubai for the last 2 years and I am having trouble with my landlord when it comes to maintenance and repairs of my villa.
My main concern is the Air Conditioning which is in such an unhealthy condition.
I just need to know if I have any legal rights against these guys to get this sorted out or not? Read more

rental-agreement-imageCost of filing case with rent dispute centre is 3.5% of annual rent

Property experts have forecast rents softening in Dubai’s residential market in 2015 and a significant decline next year. But ‘smart’ tenants, who know the law, can prevent landlords from seeking outrageous hike.

We know that if the landlord and tenant don’t mutually agree to a new rent prior to a contract renewal, the latter has the right to file a case with Dubai’s Rental Dispute Settlement Centre.

Remember, you will have to pay 3.5 per cent of your annual rent as non-refundable fees, besides having to visit the dispute centre, at least twice, before a judgment is passed. Read more

ask louiseQuestionOur landlord is refusing to pay for maintenance work in our villa even though it quite clearly states in the contract that he will – is this allowed. Read more

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