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dfsdfSome landlords use the contract to increase their rents to market rates, say tenants

There is good news for tenants in Dubai. You can’t be evicted that easily on the pretext that you have signed a non-renewable contract with your landlord.

Tenancy contracts issued with non-renewable clause are invalid, according to a tenant who got a decision in his favour from the Dubai rent dispute settlement centre.

The dispute centre rejected a case filed by a landlord who had given a 12-month eviction notice to a tenant, saying, “it was not a valid notice and the notice should be through public notary.” Read more

renting a property in dubai You’ve chosen the area in Dubai that best suits you to live in and found what you think is the perfect home but before you sign on the dotted line you should be asking yourself is there anything else I should be looking out for? I recently put this question to long-term expats in Dubai and these were their top tips.

Read more

sorry_rentedTalking to colleagues, friends, or when checking out the real-estate adds in the local media no-one can fail to notice that rents are once more on the rise. There is a law regulating rentals in Dubai, where the landlord can increase rents by a minimum of five per cent to a maximum of 20 per cent — however this is when the existing rent is below the average market rate stated in Rera’s geographic rent index. But, do landlords actually abide by this law?

Expat Echo checked with the experts at Move One Relocation and 1Step Properties who advised that in their experience landlords are ignoring it as demand is just too high.  They use the RERA Rental Calculator to work out if the landlord has the right to increase the rent but are finding that even if the rent is not 26% below the RERA Rent Index Landlords still increase rents!  Tenants do have the right to file a case against landlord with Rental Committee however this can cost a lot of money and time and most tenants end up accepting the new rent or simply move out.  Read more

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