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ask louiseQuestionWhen a property changes owner with a sitting tenant inside. What should the new owner be doing according to UAE law? Read more

Recently it has become more of a requirement to obtain an attested lease agreement (Ejari) in order to obtain a visa for family members.  For a long time this requirement was in the legislation, but it was rarely (if ever) enforced.  Family members were able to get their visas without an attested lease being provided. Recently the authorities have started requesting the attested lease, so it has, in essence, become a requirement for people moving to Dubai with families.‎

The team at Move One Relocations answers some questions about Ejari Read more

ask louiseQuestionI am moving to Dubai by next week and am currently looking for a small studio for residence with a budget around AED 50k per year…I will be working on Sheikh Zayed Road next to Mall of the Emirates so looking within this zone . Please advise me what neighborhoods I should look into within this budget to be with walking distance or access to public transport. Read more

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