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dfsdfSome landlords use the contract to increase their rents to market rates, say tenants

There is good news for tenants in Dubai. You can’t be evicted that easily on the pretext that you have signed a non-renewable contract with your landlord.

Tenancy contracts issued with non-renewable clause are invalid, according to a tenant who got a decision in his favour from the Dubai rent dispute settlement centre.

The dispute centre rejected a case filed by a landlord who had given a 12-month eviction notice to a tenant, saying, “it was not a valid notice and the notice should be through public notary.” Read more

dubai-rents-fallKey areas see decline, realty experts say rents will remain stable in 2015

Tenants can now breathe easy as realty experts predict residential rents to remain stable or fall slightly next year.

“Rents in Dubai are now close to their peak. They have risen 50 per cent in the last two years and the market is showing signs of slowing down. In the last three months, rents largely remained stable or dropped slightly in certain parts of Dubai. Even areas like Discovery Gardens, International City and Dubai Sports City which recorded particularly steep rent hikes over the last year saw marginal declines in October and November. Going forward, rents are likely to remain Read more

rental-disputes-in-dubaiBeing treated unfairly by your landlord?
How to deal with property rental disputes in Dubai

In a city where so many people rent instead of owning their homes, extreme annual increases are frequently a hot topic. In December last year, the Dubai government announced that it was introducing new laws that would give landlords the right to increase rents by up to 20 percent if the price currently being paid was significantly below the rental index of the area. According to figures from property firm CB Richard Ellis, average rental rates in Dubai have increased by 17 percent since 2012. There is often a lack of knowledge among many renters of their rights, but these three case studies should shed some light on how to take your dispute to the Dubai’s Land Department’s Rental Dispute Settlement Centre, and perhaps even win.

Out of the blue, my landlord told me he wanted me to move out because his son needed to move into the apartment. When I offered to pay 30 percent more rent, he agreed to continue renting the apartment to me. Under RERA laws the landlord can terminate a contract with 12 months’ notice if he genuinely wants the apartment for his own use or to sell it. Read more

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