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Posts Tagged ‘restaurant’

Eid is just around the corner and maybe you have decided to have a get together with an invite list that is growing by the day? Well don’t panic.

In Dubai this doesn’t mean spending days in the kitchen filling canapés and polishing the glasses & cutlery as many of the hotels and restaurants offer outside catering services.   They will arrive at your home with the food, tables, chairs, table cloths and even the waiters.  Many of the companies can provide anything ranging from a five course sit down dinner to the Shawarma man (secretly everyone’s favorite!). Read more

Hi, I’ve got relatives out here and want to take them out for a dinner with some real atmosphere – not all 5 star! Someone told me about a really local fish restaurant in Jumeirah near the beach – do you have any ideas? Read more

Can you recommend a lively festive restaurant or hotel that host Christmas lunches on Christmas day? It’s just that my family is small and we want to go to a place for Christmas lunch that actually feels festive and Christmassy? Read more

I have been in Dubai for the past ten years but doing the 8-5 job!  Any ideas on places or events for eid for a family? Any places where parents and kids can dine in and kids can be entertained? Read more

Relocating to a new place can be daunting and many new arrivals want to know how to meet like minded people. If you are an enthusiastic novice or a connoisseur of rare vintages, then Grapevine by MMI is the perfect society to join. Grapevine helps you to get the most out of your wine buying and drinking. Each month they have special offers and exclusive tastings,  advice from their wine experts and many fun events. Read more

An authentic Chinese Restaurant serving tasty Chinese food has quietly opened in Mall of Emirates on Sheikh Zayed Road. A friend had told me about it, otherwise I’d never have found it. The large food orientated expansion on the ground floor isn’t the newest bit of the Mall. Head upstairs to the first floor at the Carrefour side and look for the Marina Home Furnishings store, take the passage way between here and Sharief Luggage shop to Chi’Zen, a proper Chinese restaurant serving good food in a calm and peaceful environment. It’s a franchise of the well established Zen restaurant in Hong Kong. Read more

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