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American expats wishing to celebrate Thanksgiving will be happy to know that a few restaurants throughout Dubai have organized a feast for you! Why not bring along your non-American friends to share in the celebration!  A few restaurants are also offering Thanksgiving  turkey take-away menus if you feel like having celebrating at home without having to slave all day in the kitchen. Read more

jbr-beachDubai always felt like a “holiday place” in certain areas, perhaps having brunch at a hotel on the Palm Jumeirah, or walking by spectators at the aquarium in Dubai Mall, but at it’s newest leisure area, known as North Beach (I think) there is absolutely no doubt you are in HOLIDAY CITY.

The very modern development between the Sheraton Jumeirah Beach and the Hilton JBR is jammed packed with trendy, cube like restaurant structures with gleaming colours and shiny people.

At last a whole stretch of beach front where you can eat, stroll, swim or just take in the sea air. Apparently it’s been open for about a month and on the first Saturday in April was packed with people just hanging out, older ladies having lunch, children running around and muscular bodies showing off at the outdoor gym facility. Were we in Florida somewhere? No, it was JBR-Jumeirah Beach Residence and the whole area has a relaxed, holiday feel about it. The Walk at JBR always felt a bit like a holiday place, but this has been usurped by North Beach. Read more

Cafe-sign-300x300A good few years ago I harboured an ambition somewhere in the depths of my hyper-active brain to open a café one day – to the point that I started collecting retro memorabilia to decorate this dream. And pictured here to the right you can see one of them, picked up in my homeland Cyprus. The dream never happened and the ambition is long gone, replaced by far too many others. But thanks to another dream, FooDiva, I am constantly searching out café concepts that are just a little bit different. This post isn’t another round-up, simply five new quirky cafés I’ve tried and tasted recently in Dubai. So without further ado, voila… Read more

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