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saving-money-as-an-expatAside from the lure of sunnier climes many individuals are drawn to live and work in other countries for increased pay, better benefits, even lower tax, and in some cases no tax at all.

Becoming an expatriate can carry with it many financial benefits and the notion that one could come back to their home country not only more tanned, but somewhat richer too.

And so…. the plan is hatched! The usual time scale considered is 5 years and many expats will spend time conjuring up their 5 year plan master plan. A plan of accumulating as much wealth as possible before moving back to their country of domicile or moving to another location.

But how many expats actually stick to this 5-year plan?

Is it really possible to make a significant injection to your overall net worth in this period of time and what is the best way of going about it?

The sad truth is that thousands of expats have dreams of making big pots of cash, only to end up totally broke with hardly any savings, after years spent living the high life.  So how do you make sure you don’t return broke and how do you make your plan as effective as possible? Read more

how-much-will-it-cost-to-live-in-dubaiThinking of relocating to Dubai? Obviously constant sunshine, the promise of tax-free wealth, luxury living and access to great sporting and music events makes Dubai an attractive destination however it is worth considering what  living in Dubai will really cost you.

When moving to Dubai you will no doubt want to have a standard of living which is an equivalent lifestyle to the one you currently have.  Key points to look at are the cost of renting property, education, medical expenses, food and utility costs.  Don’t forget to include the one off charges like commissions to realtor’s, deposits for school places, purchase of cars, furniture and white goods.

Expat children have no access to free or government funded schools. The cost of education in Dubai can be quite high and can vary from school to school. School places can be very hard to come by so the only option maybe the most expensive.  If you decide Read more

ask louiseI am just wondering if a salary of 25K per month is enough to live over there (and the most important of my question) may I  be able to save some money for my future? To compare I am living in Switzerland and with a similar position I am able to save around 2000 USD per month in Zurich. Read more

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