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ask louiseQuestionI am moving to Dubai in the summer with two teenage children (16 & 13 years) and am looking for a school that offers A’Level as it seems that many of the schools in Dubai offer GCSE’s but switch to the IB system when the children are in their last two years. My husband thinks we will live in an area called Victory Heights but that is not confirmed. Please can you advise. Read more

swimming-galaOnly just the other day my friend and I are were reminiscing about the good old days when the kids were younger.

The highlight of the primary school year was the annual schools swimming gala where all the Dubai schools competed against each other at one neutral venue – the much loved Dubai Country Club.  The original schools were Dubai English Speaking School, Jumeirah English Speaking School, Jebel Ali Primary School, Horizon, American School of Dubai and because there was one spare lane BSAK from Abu Dhabi were invited along too!

With so many schools now open in Dubai this kind of tournament would be impossible today.  Unfortunately for some age groups  even with the increased number of schools,  demand still outstrips supply.  Year on year  this is being addressed and just this week I have added a couple more schools due to open in September 2015 (Hartland International School & Dubai British School, Jumeirah Park) to our growing Directory of Schools in Dubai. 

If you are moving to Dubai and are finding it difficult to find school places here are some tips: Read more

ask louiseQuestionWe are a British family currently living in the UK, we have 2 children 3 & 4 and my primary concern before we choose where to live in Dubai is their education. I have being researching the schools and am aware some are not even worth applying to due to waiting lists. We want UK curriculum and are getting very mixed feedback, we have had some school tours and they are all impressive in different ways. We then are being told conflicting information on whether to stick to private or non profit schools. Any advice at all is truly appreciated. Read more

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