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ask louiseQuestionCurrently I am Melbourne – Australia and have been offered a job  Dubai. Waiting for my visa process and planning to move to Dubai at the end of Jan 2015. My plan is to initially move to a serviced apartment near to office and the family can join later.

Hope you will be able to help me to get the following information:

* What is the best property web site to find the service apartments?
* Do I need a car for commute? Can I rely on public transport for daily life?
* I prefer home made foods. Are there any services that provide home made foods to apartments ? Read more

Moving Tips 2Enjoy Dubai right up to the last minute! Book your moving date for a couple of weeks before your actual departure date and spend your last couple of weeks in a serviced apartment or hotel allowing yourself time to enjoy with friends and Dubai!  This will also give you time to finalize bills such as DEWA and get deposits back.  Read more

ask louiseQuestionI am moving to Dubai next week and trying to find a 2 bedroom villa for a one month rental. the problem is we have two dogs and cannot source a property where pets are permitted.

Any ideas who we could contact? Read more

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