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RIPE. Organic. Local. Farm Fresh.

Introducing RIPE, a company passionate about fresh, healthy and local produce, a company intent on spreading the benefits of going organic. It’s all about getting back to basics by growing local, eating local and supporting local. RIPE aims to provide you with organic fruit and vegetables that are local, fresh, tasty and affordable. Read more

If you have just relocated to Dubai I am sure you will have discovered that shopping is a very popular past time for Dubai residents.  To celebrate this popular hobby Dubai hosts a shopping festival each year.  The Dubai shopping festival, or DSF as we call it locally is popular because of the huge discounts offered throughout the malls. Read more

Welcome to Good Habits!

So diets don’t work for you and you should know, you’ve tried every fad diet out there. You’ve starved on grapefruit, brought packets of slim shakes, sickened yourself with cabbage soup and know the calorie count of every biscuit. While you did loose a few pounds on all of them, you just couldn’t stick to any of them for long and before you knew it you started eating normally again and arrived back at square one. Sound familiar? Then Good Habits is for you. Read more

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