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When living in Dubai time seems to fly.  Over the past few years the UAE has become a popular venue for many of the worlds pop, sport and movie stars to add to their venue dates.

These maybe one off events but throughout the year Dubai (and Abu Dhabi) are host to many great events that take place annually. Many of these are so popular that tickets are sometimes hard to come by.  So don’t let this year be another year that flies by without you taking advantage of these world-class show stoppers – check out Expat Echo Dubai’s list below and put them in your diary now! Read more

Love comedy and would love to experience the famous Edinburgh Fringe Festival but just can’t spare the time? Well now you can have the chance to see one of the acts performing this year at the festival right here in Dubai. Dubai Laughing and Dubomedy have collaborated in creating the first UAE produced Comedy Show to be part of the legendary Edinburgh Fringe Festival. The stand up comedy show is entitled “Big In Dubai” and will feature Ray Addison and Jamie Johnson, Host Mina Liccione and headlining act; Ali Al Sayed. In other words, two Brits, an Arab and a Yank! Read more

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