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will-registry-dubai-difcMove to ease succession and inheritance matters for non-Muslims owning assets in Dubai

In a landmark move, Dubai has set the ball rolling for the introduction of new rules relating to succession and inheritance matters of non-Muslims owning assets in the emirate.

On November 16, the Dubai International Financial Centre’s Dispute Resolution Authority (DRA) launched a month-long consultation with the UAE legal community and the public on a new English language Wills and Probate Registry (WPR) expected to take effect in early 2015.

With its launch, DIFC will become the first jurisdiction in the region where one can register a will under the internationally-recognised Common Law. The new rules have been drafted on the basis of Common Law principles from the Estates Act and Probate Rules of the UK and include elements of legislation in other leading jurisdictions. Read more

This is not a topic that anyone likes to talk about, write about or even read about. A will or testament is a legal declaration that someone puts together that indicates what will happen to their home, finances, children and other personal belongings upon their death. When my husband and I started having children, we decided it was time to draft up our will. It’s a challenging topic to discuss as we had to chose guardians for our children in the case of our death. Choosing someone to raise your kids in your absence is not always an easy decision. The allocation of your finances, properties or inheritance is also something that needs serious consideration. Read more

ask louiseQuestionI have a question regarding the Termination of a Contract.  I understand that the landlord needs to give 12 months notice through registered mail or Notary Public however, I would like to know when this 12 months notice commences- is it on renewal of your contract or anytime you receive the official notice?  Read more

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