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To live and work in Dubai a work permit and residency visa is required. Upon arriving in the UAE you will receive a Visitor’s Visa.

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How much are the fees for a residence visa application for my child, under the sponsorship of my husband (Ajman Free Zone visa)? Regarding the tenancy contract, what if our tenancy is provided by the company, is it fine that the contract is under the name of my husband’s sponsor (boss)? How long is the visa process? Read more

I have an Ajman Freezone visa but I reside here in Dubai. Can I process my wife and baby’s visa here in Dubai? If not, then what are the requirements in sponsoring family members in Ajman? Read more

My wife and my 2 year old baby are here in Dubai on a 2 months visit visa. We would like to know if it’s possible to get them under my sponsorship (husband’s/father’s) after their visas have expired. What requirements do we need and do they still have to exit the country to change their visa? (Filipino passports).  Is it possible to transfer a visit visa to father’s/husband’s visa?  How much would that cost? Read more

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