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What is the policy regarding working on public holidays (Local UAE holidays and other times such as Xmas, etc)? Read more

We employ a Sri Lankan live in maid. She is married and young and her husband has recently started a job in Dubai. I am wondering if as a sponsor we are liable for her medical costs if she becomes pregnant whilst under our sponsorship? We could not afford this cost. I am wanting to know where we stand legally with this as I would like to discuss this with her before we renew her visa. Of course she can choose to have a baby and return home if she chooses to but I don’t want to be responsible for the bill. Where does a sponsor stand in relation to this? Read more

Have you ever had to face a situation when your housemaid has absconded?

Have you ever thought of hiring a maid to do your housework without sponsoring her or checking her passport status?

Have you ever wondered if you are likely to face legal trouble if you hire an absconding housemaid?

Are you likely to be levied a hefty fine if your maid who has absconded, is caught working illegally? Read more

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