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Moving Tips 2When moving remember to ask about STORAGE CHARGES.  If exact delivery dates are specified you could incur storage charges if the shipment was to arrive before you are ready to receive your goods.

Ask what the storage charges are at both ends of your journey ie storage charges in Dubai maybe cheaper than they are in the UK so it may well be worth storing your goods in Dubai. Read more

Moving Tips 2Make sure you buy and sell all your furniture before having a moving survey.  It is not advisable to go on a shopping spree a few days before the movers arrive and purchase that longed for Omani coffee table or Indian wardrobe.  Moving companies need an accurate volume before quoting and any additional volume sent WILL BE CHARGED FOR! Read more

Moving Tips 2A month before your big move put a day in the diary to get into the depths of your food cupboards and go through all your supplies.  Dispose of all those items which are past their ‘sell by date’ (we all have those cake making ingredients we only used once in 2008!).  For the next few weeks aim to run down the rest of your food stocks including your frozen foodstuffs as moving companies will not move food as they cannot give a guarantee on the health & safety of food stuffs.  Read more

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