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hissah-enrichment-centreAs a client of ours so aptly put it the other day, “Your health is your greatest gift!”

It is so true! What is funny about thinking about health, however, is that more often than not we are usually talking about our physical health.

The Hissah Enrichment Center located in Dubai’s Media City know that there are many kinds of health and its your mental-emotional health that can be at the center of it all. For this they have services, specialists, assessments and a very bright and peaceful space for finding some relief away from it all, not to mention a room devoted entirely to your kids.

At the center you will find Ms. Lama Younis, the first Saudi female criminologist and forensic psychologist. An experienced practitioner, Lama has a passion for improving the lives of parents and their children everywhere and will make you feel at home immediately. You will also find her colleague Mr. Thomas Dyer, a former New Yorker and weathered career counselor and youth leadership development trainer. Read more

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