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aerial 7On the 22nd of March 2014, four Move One teams (7 members to each team) participated in the Daman Hercules Trophy UAE corporate challenge for the fourth year in a row. Over 50 companies participated making up over seventy competing teams at this fun, physically and mentally challenging day. We had a blast, performed well and worked hard against some really tough teams. Thank you to all those who participated and thank you to all who came out and supported Move One. Check out the awesome, attached video to see how great Move One looked on Saturday at the Sevens Stadium. Read more

hercules trophy dubaiThe anticipation is building for this year’s Hercules Trophy as 8 of the 12 “labours” or activities are announced. Participants in the super charged intercompany sporting event and team building day will have the opportunity to race with camels, test themselves in the field and try a modern day jousting game among many other challenges on March 22 at the Sevens Stadium.

The Hercules Trophy aims to have a positive impact on organisations by combining team building and networking opportunities in a fun filled format which sees teams of between 5 and 7 attempt each of the labours throughout the day. The emphasis is on participation rather than athletic skill or prowess, so all employees are able to participate. The Hercules Trophy attracts thousands of business professionals from different sectors, levels and nationalities, and is open to all businesses wishing to enter.

“However we are not just a team building day,” Yves Vekemans, President and CEO of Hercules Trophy announced, “We are a sport and entertainment experience that results in team building within a company.”

The labours this year are a unique combination guaranteed to entertain and challenge the participants, and include the following:

Camel Survival Race – Hercules Trophy organizers will have teams competing for points by racing camels cross-field, but will be given a handicap, in order not to make it too easy on the teams. Read more

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