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Tips 2015Although it is by no means mandatory in Dubai, tipping certainly seems the norm amongst expats. Whether you are new to the UAE or have lived here all your life, you will probably still find dining out a different experience every time you step through the door of a restaurant. Should I leave a tip? How much and how do I know where the money will go? Is it OK to complain if I’m not happy with the food or service? What happens to the leftover food at buffets, brunches…etc? And what is that mysterious ‘service charge’ lurking at the end of the bill? Then, of course, there is the issue of whether the food is halal or the venue is licensed. So to help you manoeuvre the menu minefield,  Naim Maadad, CEO of Gates Hospitality, has some tips. Read more here.

There is certainly no set rule that says that you must tip in Dubai however the general consensus amongst expats seems to be a resounding you should indeed tip. Perhaps the happy residue of stringent tipping stipulations in many of our home countries. The expat voice of reason however is slightly more muffled when one posses the questions; how much should you tip, when and which services (if any) are excluded from our strongly held belief in tipping. So what on earth shall dictate our social and financial decorum in the absence of hard and fast rules to follow? Answer, majority rules, empathy and common sense of course. The team at Expat Echo Dubai summarizes… Read more

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