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Having to pay to shift your own stuff back? Can’t quite believe the quotes you’ve got? Sold most of your furniture?

You don’t have to pay for a full container any-more! By combining your shipment with others (Groupage) you can get your treasured belongings home for less. Move One will store your contents at their secure warehouse until they can fill up a container with other shipments and send it to your destination thus sharing the cost with other people in exactly the same position as you.  Providing your shipment is not time critical Move One has a cost saving solution for you. Read more

The green line of the the Dubai Metro will be open to the public as of September 9th 2011.  The line is said to have an estimated 15-20 minutes travel time within the network.  This is nearly half  of the travel time it presently takes on the cramped roads of the Central Business Districts.  Read more

There are numerous options for public transportation services and most of the drivers speak some English, but their language may be limited. It is therefore very important you know exactly the address of where you are going so you can give them direction if necessary.

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