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Would you know what steps to take if your pet is lost? Most likely you think it won’t happen to you. You’re too careful; he’s too well-behaved.

Visit any animal shelter and you will realize quickly that you are wrong. An open door goes unnoticed, a dog gets frightened by a thunder storm, you’re traveling and your pet is staying with a friend who lets him out. There are so many scenarios and as a result, so many lost pets.

It can happen to you so be prepared, and act fast if your pet goes missing.
Be prepared and take immediate action Read more

In their youth, our pets seem to have boundless energy and vitality that we can often take for granted. As owners, we can often be unconscious of the very real fact that, sadly, animals start biological ageing at an early onset. It is understandable that we all would want our beloved companions to live beside us for our whole life. But seeing the statistics of actual longevity really does give us a shocking reality check. Average life expectancies vary from 8 years to 20 years depending on species and breed. The giant breeds of dogs may only reach 8 years whereas toy breeds of dogs and cats will often reach late teens. Of course there will be some exceptions to this, much depends on the individuals genetics, nutrition and care. We generally consider animals entering their senior phase of life in their last third of life expectancy. Giant dog breeds are considered senior around 5 / 6 years of age. Toy dog breeds and cats are classified senior around 10 / 11 years of age. Read more

Rabies is a deadly disease caused by Rhabdo Virus that unfortunately does not have a cure. It is a neurological disease which may take several days to a few months to show its symptoms but once the virus spreads to the brain, death occurs quickly. This virus affects both humans and animals. The carriers of the virus are foxes, wolves, bats, skunks, dogs and cats and they spread it through their saliva by biting or licking.

Having a pet without giving them the rabies vaccination is harmful for him/her and for others that it is in contact with. There are still stray animals that are not vaccinated and have high chances of getting rabies so please ensure that your pets are not brought in close contact with them. Read more

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