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ask louiseQuestionHello!  I am Spanish, mother of 2 teenagers, 12 and 14 and married to an English man who today gave us the news he got a job in Dubai. Still under shock, I am writing to you because any help of any kind will be good. We live south of Barcelona, in a beautiful villa with excellent views and private swimming pool, children go tho the French school nearby and I’d love at least to have the same standard of living there.  Our children will go to the French school in Academic city but we do not know where to look for house rental in term of community. We cannot afford more than AED 200,000 so…what do you suggest I could start looking at? Something with community feel (pool etc..) will be of course a help because we don’t know anybody there. I am really looking forward to hearing from you. Read more

ask louiseQuestionI have just relocated to Dubai and we are planning to buy a villa in Jumeirah Island. But after reading so many negative reviews (from 2-3 years ago)about the overpriced chillers and low maintenance of the lakes, I am quite confused. Can someone living there now or who lived there recently, give me your feedback? Read more

ask louiseQuestionI am an ob/gyn physician who has accepted a job offer at Medical City Hospital. My start date would probably be in June, 2013. Where is the best place to live considering I may be called for deliveries to the hospital at any time at night or during the day. My husband and I would like a furnished place, maybe an apartment or a villa. Read more

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