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Bubble Bum 3If you’ve ever found yourself lugging a booster seat out of your car and into somebody else’s (or worse – into a plane!) I can almost guarantee that in the process you banged it on various parts of the car and yourself, and perhaps even uttered some language you weren’t entirely proud of. Why are they so enormous? Well, as it turns out, not all of them are…Enter the Bubblebum. Read more

The Ignite fitness & wellness PINK IS PUNK campaign is back, bigger than ever, better than ever and ready to raise funds and support for the Safe & Sound Breast Cancer awareness campaign.

We’re planning a series of cool events to keep you active and entertained whilst supporting this fantastic cause and it all kicks off with the IGNITE SWIM:RUN at Anantara Dubai The Palm Resort & Spa.


For all IGNITE Pink is Punk event details 2014 Read more

RIPE. Organic. Local. Farm Fresh.

Introducing RIPE, a company passionate about fresh, healthy and local produce, a company intent on spreading the benefits of going organic. It’s all about getting back to basics by growing local, eating local and supporting local. RIPE aims to provide you with organic fruit and vegetables that are local, fresh, tasty and affordable. Read more

The ceremony surrounding the preparation, serving and drinking of gahwa (Arabic coffee) derived from the traditions of Islamic and Bedouin hospitality. Unlike the comparatively stronger flavoured “western” style coffees, the traditional gahwa of the Emirates has a very mild coffee flavour, a distinct cardamom taste with a touch of saffron. Gahwa is never sweetened with sugar, instead fresh dates are offered to accompany the aromatic brew. The dates refresh and sweeten the palate between each sip of gahwa. Read more

Mica´s Dental Clinic takes steps to contribute to better health & well-being for Dubai residents

The background of this unique initiative is the fact that stress related illnesses has increased to alarming levels among the residents in the UAE. Too many residents suffer from high blood pressure, chronic fatigue, cardiovascular diseases and diabetes. The aim of this initiative is to make a difference by offering a platform for support and networking in an inspirational environment. It is well-known that supportive relationships have an amazingly positive impact on personal health and well-being. It´s also well-known that a good laugh and optimism can relieve stress and bring health benefits of its own – where a simple smile can reduce the tension. Read more

Find out how to improve your mood, motivation, memory and mental focus from Patrick Holford, award winning and world renown nutritionist at Favourite Things on November 25. While you can purchase your tickets at the Organic Foods & Café, they have also arranged some specially discounted tickets for their customers which you can purchase directly from Favourite Things for AED80 while stocks last. For anyone looking for a kick start to improving their wellbeing, this is an event not to be missed. Read more

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