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The ceremony surrounding the preparation, serving and drinking of gahwa (Arabic coffee) derived from the traditions of Islamic and Bedouin hospitality. Unlike the comparatively stronger flavoured “western” style coffees, the traditional gahwa of the Emirates has a very mild coffee flavour, a distinct cardamom taste with a touch of saffron. Gahwa is never sweetened with sugar, instead fresh dates are offered to accompany the aromatic brew. The dates refresh and sweeten the palate between each sip of gahwa. Read more

I would like to ask if you know any home based work (typing or data entry) here in Dubai. I have seen many ads but kinda sceptical about it with all the scams lurking around, we can never be sure. Read more

DSLR Workshop for Beginners

Are you completely daunted by all the settings on your new DSLR camera? Not sure where to start? Or have you been shooting on Auto and are keen to take creative control and use your camera to its full potential? This intro to digital shooting with Dubai pro photographer Tiffany Schultz will teach you the nuts and bolts of digital photography and will show you, in a very practical, hands-on way, how to take better photographs. Read more

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