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Ask Louise

Q.  Dear Louise, I want to move my daughter from DBS to wellington international school in Y9 (13 years old). According to Dubai inspection ratings and facility-wise weliington is better. However, I’m not sure if specificlly secondary education in Wellington is better. Could you help?
thanks Laila

Hi Laila,
I have friends with children who are both going through their GCSE’s at both schools and both are very happy. The main point to remember is Wellington in year 12 & 13 now follow the IB curriculum and DBS A’ Level so it maybe worth thinking about what would be best for your child after they have done their GCSE’s to prevent another school change. Wellington has some fantastic facilities but is a much bigger school with up to 5 form groups per year group opposed to 3 at DBS so you need to ask yourself if your daughter would be happy at a bigger school and obviously take her to get a feel of Wellington.
This question would be good to put on our forum and hopefully you will get first hand information from parents with children actually at these schools.

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