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Ask Louise

I am moving to Sharjah to work in an International school in August 2012. Can I use my International Drivers until my school sorts out the paper work? I want to try settle down and work for the next 15 years in the UAE. I have heard some not so good things about life in the UAE. Anyway, my main concern is that until August my contract will still stand and that they will follow their benefits and salary promised. I have noticed some schools don’t care about the contract signed and they inform you the last minute to not come. Thanking you in advance.

Yes you can but as soon as you have a residency visa you  must get a UAE Driver’s License to be able to drive.  Check out our link on Expat Echo about obtaining a driver’s license.  Like anywhere there are always horror stories in the media about places but you really need to come here to try it for yourself.  There is a huge expat community of teachers (and other professions) out here and many of them stay for a very long time so it can’t be that bad!  Dubai is a fantastic hub for travel so take advantage while you are here to explore the region.

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