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Ask Louise

I am very unsure so I kindly ask you which nursery you would like to recommend. We have an offer from:

Raffles Nursery
Children´s Oasis
Cocoon Nursery
Rising Stars Nursery
Inspire Children Nursery
Seashells Nursery

Do you know the advantages and disadvantages of these Nursery´s?

All these nurseries are very good.  The only one that I have first hand experience of is Children’s Oasis as the owner of this nursery owned the nursery my daughter went to (but that was a long time ago) and that was excellent and even now (12 years later) my daughter talks fondly of her time there.  Have you visited all the nurseries?  I would recommend choosing the one you liked best and was most convenient to where you live. However I would strongly recommend you speak to other mothers who have children the same age as yours or if you do not know many people yet join groups like Mumcierge where you can have a coffee and meet-up with other Mums to get some first-hand recommendations.

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