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Al Siraaj Islamic Exhibition

The Dubai Department of Tourism and Commerce Marketing (DTCM) has organized an intriguing exhibition, Al Siraaj, at the century old architectural delight Juma and Obaid bin Thani bin Juma House. The special exhibition is designed to educate visitors about various aspects of the UAE’s religious and cultural values. Located near the Heritage Village in Al Shindagha Historic Area, this permanent exhibition is open to the public from 8am to 10pm week days and 4pm to 10pm on Fridays.
As the Al Shindagha heritage site complex attracts thousands of visitors and residents from various nationalities, it is an ideal venue to reach out to public to enhance their knowledge about Islam and clear misconceptions. Scientific discoveries and the teachings of Holy Quran on a number of interesting topics is the focus of this exhibition“, said Mohammed Al Hashimi, Al Siraaj Exhibition Director.

Featuring lectures and interactive sessions for the public, the exhibition is gaining popularity with a cross-section of audience. Arshad Khan, Supervisor of the Sheikh Obaid house, said staff and volunteers well-versed in various languages including English, Arabic, Tagalog, Hindi and Urdu brief visitors from different cultural and religious backgrounds about the exhibits and relevance of Islam and the Quran.

When Al Siraaj, which means the Guiding Light, opened permanently in early 2009 it became the first of its kind Islamic exhibition in UAE

The topics covered by the exhibition include the Scientific Miracles of the Quran, Creation of the universe, creation of Man, The Messengers and the Final Message” explains Lewis Bullock, Senior Executive at the Exhibition. Each of which are showcased within different sections of the house using illustrative posters and CGI animations on plasma screens.

Apart from the visual treats of Juma and Obaid bin Thani bin Juma House there are other interactive activities in the theatre like talk shows and quiz programmes based on the exhibition, allowing visitors to win prizes worth thousands of Dirhams. Visitors can also pick up free books and multimedia about Islam in various languages at the venue. Translations of the Quran are also available for free in several languages.

Soon to open on the upper floor of the traditional house will also be another unique, first of its kind exhibition ‘Arabic Calligraphy through time’ which will showcase a group of paintings and art work for each type of Arabic font and script, as well as the explanation of each type and the reason for its naming and how it originated.

Al Siraaj also has a room dedicated to the future generation called ‘The Kids’ Corner’ with educational toys and activities. Parents can leave their little ones under the care of officially appointed female staff while they explore the house, which will surely keep them engaged til their return.

Visit Al Siraaj for a unique cultural experience.

For more information on Al Siraaj please contact:
Tel: +971 4 393 3240

The Juma and Obaid bin Thani bin Juma House is located next to Heritage Village in the Al Shindagha Historical Area of Bur Dubai.

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