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Arabic/Emirati Customs and Traditions Course

Make an impression which lasts a lifetime… learn the social etiquette, customs and traditions, and pick up the basic language skills to impress any Emirati you work with or live next door to.

The course is aimed at anyone wishing to learn the basics in order to make an impression. A little knowledge can go a long way to bridging the gap between you, your company, the deal, the ease of transition, and just better understanding of the local Emirati people. The program is a starter, and covers the fundamental and important issues everyone should know.

The program starts at 10am on Saturday 26th May and includes, soft drinks and course material/handouts.

The professor will deliver the following course:

Bridge between Arabic Civilization and others
Biography of Prophet Muhammad (PBUH)
Arabic Customs and Traditions
– male and female, child, birth, death, teenage, marriage and divorce. How do we greet a female? Should we shake hands? How to enter a Majlis? What is the tradition of a Majlis? Hospitality and what to expect, etiquette of serving Gawa (traditional Arabic coffee) and all the traditional greetings used by the local Emiratis.

Next Course is on Saturday 26th May. BOOK NOW! Price 650AED
Contact Denise McGinty on +971 50 644 2752 or email

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