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Brain Gym

Walk past many a classroom window in Dubai and you will see children marching around the class, crossing their arms across their body or standing on one leg. These are not children being naughty but a Brain Gym early morning workout.

Brain Gym means learning through movement and was developed over 20 years ago by educator specialist Paul E Dennison and his wife and colleague, Gail E Dennison. Brain Gym’s simple activities are reported to improve Concentration, Memory, Academics, Physical co-ordination, Relationships, Self-responsibility, Organization skills and attitude. It is not only students that benefit from Brain Gym but people in business and sports men and women. To learn more about Brain Gym a four day course will be held here in Dubai in July.

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  1. […] Brain Gym 101 Four Day Workshop Dates: 3 – 6 July (Sunday – Wednesday) Timings: 8:30am – 12:30pm & 1:30 […]

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