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Cultural Night Market in Dubai

If you like art and culture and love to hang outdoors this is an event for you.

The Cultural Night Market will have an artsy local and cosmopolitan atmosphere where you can embrace local emerging talents in music, painting, sculpture, dance, and theater, while enjoying a world of flavors with food from around the world.  There will be family and kid’s oriented art activities, vintage & second hand shopping and much, much more!

The event will be offering local & international artists the opportunity to develop and showcase their art within urban public spaces.  So if you have hand-made or fashionable products you would like to sell, or you are a performer please click here for an application form.

Get inspired with the great open air activities, and truly unforgettable night events. Visit Safa Park, Dubai on 28th & 29th September, 2012 to enjoy a culmination of art, culture and outdoors.


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