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DARC at Dubai Flea Market

Are you bored? Do you need something to do? How about sorting that wardrobe out and giving all your “maybe I’ll wear it one day” or “maybe I’ll fit into it again one day” clothes so DARC can sell them at the Dubai Flea Market event which will take place on Saturday 5th November, 2011 to raise some much needed funds for the centre.

They’re also looking for books, electronics, accessories and basically anything that is in good condition to sell. So if you would like to donate some of your items please get in touch with DARC on +971 50 858 7844 or

And if you’re looking for something to do on Saturday 5th November, 2011 why not make your way to the Dubai Flea Market which will take place at Al Safa Park (Gate 5) from 8am to 1pm. Come down and buy some goodies – everything sold, every single Dirham goes to the Dubai Animal Rescue Centre (DARC).

Dubai Flea Market
Date: Saturday 5th November, 2011
Time: 8pm – 1pm
Venue: Al Safa Park (Gate 5).
For more info please visit

This event is held every month in their aid so its never too late to have a clear out of those “maybe it will fit me one day” clothes and donate them to DARC. All clothes, ladies and mens, is very much appreciated. You’ll be doing your bit for charity and the 240 animals this self funded organisation looks after.

Join the Dubai Animal Rescue Center’s page for more info on the center: –

If you are interested in volunteering or adopting an animal please call Ayesha on +971 50 858 7844. As you can imagine she’s a very busy lady so keep trying or send her a text and she will get back to you.

Your support is very much appreciated. Lets make a difference, support DARC at the Dubai Flea Market!

We hope to see you there!

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