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Dog Training Seminar

dog-trainingDoes your dog need to learn to behave a bit better?

Charlie is one of the friendliest dogs in the neighborhood! He loves people and children; however, his owner Tom was shocked and embarrassed when Charlie suddenly snapped at a friend who offered him a treat.

“Charlie was snuggled in his favorite corner when my friend approached him. He appeared very relaxed. In fact, he yawned and wagged his tail! Did I miss something?”

In our human world, canine communication is often lost in translation. Tom was unable to recognize important “calming signals” communicated by his dog’s need for “space”.

In Cloud9‘s upcoming seminar, “What Dogs Tell Us – Reading Calming Signals” our certified dog obedience trainer and behaviour consultant Dalya Eason will teach you how dogs communicate through body language.

Understanding what your dog is saying can provide you with lots of useful information about your dog’s emotional state and help you anticipate your dog’s next move. It can also help you to improve dog-to-dog introductions, making them safer and a more pleasant experience.

What will you learn?

You will begin to notice your dog’s natural ear, mouth and tail positions and in what contexts they can change.

Watch for distribution of body weight when your dog sees other people or dogs.

Help you to avoid putting your dog in situations where he has no choice but to defend himself.

Watch and identify calming signals like yawning, lip-licking, freezing in place, turning away, scratching and sniffing.

Learn to utilize your awareness of your dog’s body language to avoid situations that can cause him stress.

FRIDAY 18th & 25th October, 2013
Call 02-5564111 to book a seat AED 25 per person
Seminar at Cloud9 Pet Hotel & Care
Khalifa City A
Abu Dhabi


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