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Dubai Goes Pink

Dubai Goes Pink will take place on Thursday 4th October and is a day that is aimed at unifying the efforts of fund raisers, events, activities and companies in the region wishing to support breast cancer patients and breast cancer awareness. It is also a chance for corporate to be involved in this very important regional initiative which may, in the future be of great benefit to their employees and ultimately their business.

Everyone who takes part in Dubai Goes Pink, will be asked to make a donation of AED 5 to the Foundation. We are working to make sure that this event becomes an annual event.

This event has three main objectives:

‐ Create massive awareness for the Breast Cancer Arabia website as ‘the primary resource’ that provides true, medically based awareness of breast cancer. Only by arming women with the correct full information, can they have the best chance of surviving their breast cancer
‐ Create awareness of the Foundation and the work it does
‐ Redress some of the current problems with delivering ‘awareness’ in the region. The message given to the community has to be a strong clear message, produced and backed up by qualified Breast Cancer Specialists

The awareness will not only be about early detection, but also about correct treatment, how to find the right doctor to treat breast cancer, awareness of what does and does not work with regards to screening (the limitations of BSE – breast self examination), helping women to understand their own personal risk of breast cancer and also the mission of the Foundation to pay for treatment.

Monies raised from this event will go to pay for treatment, which will currently be carried out here in Dubai for all cases that come through the Foundation from around the UAE. This is due to the fact that our hospital partner is based here in Dubai Healthcare City. The Foundation will pay for the following:

‐ Breast cancer surgeries
‐ Radiology second opinions
‐ Diagnostic radiology
‐ Pathology

The Foundation cannot pay for any routine annual follow up investigations – blood tests, CT scans, bone scans, etc.

Breast Cancer Arabia will be running a competition during October; ‘Pink Points’. People can earn Pink Points by uploading photograph,picture/painting, short video, or short story about breast cancer to the Dubai Goes Pink Facebook page. The aim is to get as many LIKEs as possible. For each LIKE that their entry receives they earn one Pink Point and the person with the most LIKEs will win. This will run from 1st September – 31st October. During the first week of November we will announce the winner. They will win a 4 night’s hotel stay in Durban, Cape Town or the Seychelles (exc. flights) courtesy of Southern Sun Hotels.

People can also email in and nominate a breast cancer survivor to win one of these hotel stays.


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