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Dubomedy and The Road to Edinburgh

Love comedy and would love to experience the famous Edinburgh Fringe Festival but just can’t spare the time? Well now you can have the chance to see one of the acts performing this year at the festival right here in Dubai. Dubai Laughing and Dubomedy have collaborated in creating the first UAE produced Comedy Show to be part of the legendary Edinburgh Fringe Festival. The stand up comedy show is entitled “Big In Dubai” and will feature Ray Addison and Jamie Johnson, Host Mina Liccione and headlining act; Ali Al Sayed. In other words, two Brits, an Arab and a Yank!

Prior to their departure they will hold a send off show here in Dubai on July 4, 2012 at The Address Hotel in Dubai Marina Mall. The show is rightfully named, “The Road to Edinburgh.” They have invited Omar Ismail to host this event. All proceeds from ticket sales will support the Edinburgh tour. For tickets; call +971 4 374 6789 or visit Time Out Tickets and Ticketing Co.

If you are going to Edinburgh to catch this show and more at The Edinburgh Fringe Festival, click here for some travel information.

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