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Expo 2020

Dubai Expo 2020 - Be Part Of ItYou see the billboards all over Dubai and the logo adorns every piece of media, but what exactly is Expo 2020?

World Expos are where the world meets to share innovations and discuss issues that effect the whole world such as the global economy, sustainable development and improved quality of life for the world’s population.

World Expo takes place every 5 years with the next one taking place in 2015 in Milan, Italy.  In 2010 Shanghai hosted the world expo and this helped transform a heavily industrial city-centre area into a thriving cultural and commercial district while also bringing its theme “Better City, Better Life” to the attention of 73 million people.  Dubai is one of the candidates for the 2020 World Expo.

Every World Expo has a theme and Dubai  has chosen a theme of  “Connecting Minds, Creating the Future”.  In today’s highly interconnected world, a renewed vision of progress and development based on shared purpose and commitment is key. While a single human mind, an individual country, or a specific community is both unique and remarkable, it is by working collaboratively that we truly advance

The site for  Expo 2020, if Dubai is successful will be the Dubai Trade Centre, Jebel Ali.  This location is equidistant from the centres of Abu Dhabi and Dubai, the site is located next to the new Al Maktoum International Airport and also located in close proximity to Jebel Ali Port, the third busiest port in the world.

This prestigious six-month event will take place between October 2020 and April 2021 (coincidentally the UAE’s 50th anniversary). It will  be the first time that a World Expo is held in the Middle East, Africa and South Asia region, presenting a significant opportunity for the region. It has been reported in the media that Expo will create more than 277,000 jobs and that an estimated 25 million people, mostly from outside the UAE, are expected to visit the event.  The event will necessitate a huge investment in transport such as trains, metros, buses and taxis.

Dubai Expo 2020 will leave a powerful legacy, both in terms of the Expo site itself and also as an inspiration for future generations.  In its bid to host the World Expo in 2020 Dubai is competing against three other candidate cities –  Ekaterinburg, Russia; Izmir, Turkey; Sao Paulo, Brazil.  The result of the Dubai Bid will be known on November 27th 2013….

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