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Financial Literacy for Teens

Dar el-ilm is launching a NEW course to educate teenagers and young adults in Dubai about managing money and taking responsibility for their personal finances. The course aims to raise their awareness of the value of money, evaluating opportunities and risks, budgeting, setting financial goals, debt, giving, spending, saving, investing and entrepreneurship to make informed financial decisions both now and throughout their lives.

Ideal for teenagers planning to leave home for college or university!

The 16.5 hour course comprehensively raises awareness of money, the economy, budgeting, investments, debt, giving, evaluating opportunities and risks and setting financial goals, among various other topics. It intends to provide an understanding of earning money and subsequently spending, investing or saving it. The financial literacy course aims to instil sound financial management skills within our youth from a young age, in order that they have secure futures for both themselves and their families.

The course was designed and tested by Integrated Business Care F.Z.E. (IBC). Jenny Hunt, Business Development and Marketing Manager at DEI explains why DEI has teamed up with IBC to offer this course to Dubai teenagers: “In today’s economic climate, everyone needs to be financially astute. We are not aware of any similar course for young people, which provides an insight about how to successfully manage their personal finances. The more knowledgeable young people are of financial risks or opportunities, the better prepared they will be to make informed decisions throughout their lives.

The course costs AED1,155 per student and is initially being offered at dar el-ilm’s own premises within the Trade Centre Tower, Level 4. The first course is scheduled to commence on Saturday 22nd October, from 9.30am-11.00am and will run until 17th December (the last two Saturdays will be three hour sessions).

To enrol your teenager, contact dar el-ilm

Call: +971 4 331 0221

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