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IFA Sport Announce Supporters Club Cup Tournament at IFA Sport Central

After the resounding success of the first Supporters Club Cup last year, IFA Sport are to host the second event at their new FIFA accredited pitch facility, IFA Sports Central, on January 21st 2012.

The IFA Supporters Club Cup is the first tournament of its kind in Dubai and features multi- cultural teams made up of UAE resident official supporters clubs of world famous football teams including Real Madrid, Manchester City, Chelsea, Manchester United, Liverpool and Celtic to name but a few. There will be 18 teams taking part in the Supporters Cup, meaning 180 players battling it out on the pitches and their many supporters will be there in strength too.

The passion surrounding the many international football leagues has always extended well beyond the borders of the country they run in, with football fans across the world following the weekly proceedings without fail. Jim Reilly, Commercial Director of IFA Sport said, “Dubai and the entire UAE has some of the biggest football fans to be found and the number of football supporters clubs evidences this- all of them sharing the same enthusiasm and commitment for the team that they support. We are looking forward to them facing off on our pitch and the tournament being a great success.”

The IFA Sport Supporters Club Cup will be a showcase for the new venue and will be a very well attended event with a great sporting atmosphere bringing supporter passion onto the pitch.

The only question is can Liverpool win the Cup again?

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