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Inspirational Workshops in 2012

Mica´s Dental Clinic takes steps to contribute to better health & well-being for Dubai residents

The background of this unique initiative is the fact that stress related illnesses has increased to alarming levels among the residents in the UAE. Too many residents suffer from high blood pressure, chronic fatigue, cardiovascular diseases and diabetes. The aim of this initiative is to make a difference by offering a platform for support and networking in an inspirational environment. It is well-known that supportive relationships have an amazingly positive impact on personal health and well-being. It´s also well-known that a good laugh and optimism can relieve stress and bring health benefits of its own – where a simple smile can reduce the tension.

Facts about the workshops
The method we use was founded in Sweden in the 1990 by teenage parents and has been running very successfully in workplaces and communities with thousands of participants.
Personal dialogues in small groups are conducted by a clear structure which means that everyone receive the chance to express themselves
We are focusing on positive and inspirational phrased questions
Each session last for 1½ hours.
The workshops are lead by Anne Boberg, a Behavioral Scientist in Environmental Psychology with many years experience of improving health and sustainability in the Working life of Sweden.

An introduction of the different workshops
• Work Life Balance – A large number of the UAE work force struggle to find the balance between personal and professional life. Apart from long working hours and increased accessibility, factors such as deadlines, conflicting demands and promised delivery can easily tip the scales to personal well-being. The ultimate goal is a balanced life, with time for work, relationships, relaxation and fun.
The aim of this workshop is to provide you with a coping mechanism to manage stress. You have to focus on prioritizing and setting goals for yourself as well as creating an action plan that will help you organize your life.
• Expatriate Experience– It is well-known that expatriates who have their families with them on an assignment have better coping and supportive conditions, yet there are many challenges to overcome. The relocation process involves creating a new base for everyday life, which can be traumatic, especially for the spouse if their partner is absorbed with long working hours and frequent traveling on the new assignment. Furthermore, if the children aren´t happy with the new situation, it really could be unbearable. Similarly, the spouse who has left his/her carrier behind may feel uncertain about who they have become in their new role. The resulting strain on family relationships can bring assignments to a premature end.
Many expatriates have also experienced the drain of energy when friends who they have gained during the expatriate assignment have left the UAE and the process of establishing new friendships and supportive networks is once again a must.
This workshop is specifically designed for you who have reached a point in your expatriate life where you want to establish new connections with other expatriates and explore ways to have a more fulfilling expatriate experience.
• Cultural Connections – Dubai is considerably the perfect place to get to the chance to connect with new people and to explore and learn more about different cultural traditions and ways of living.
The aim of this workshop is to offer you the possibility to connect to a variety of nationalities and to share customs and traditions. The goal is also to have interactions and contributions of Emirati residents.

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