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Paediatric First Aid Course for mothers and helpers

first-aid-for-kidsWould you know what to do if your child stopped breathing?

What if boiling water or oil spilled on to your child?

How about if your child was in need of CPR?

And, if you have an au pair, nanny or housemaid for your child, would she know what to do?

Well, these accidents and emergencies happen all of the time. And, if – God forbid — they happened to your child, not having learned how to react effectively could mean the difference between life and death.

And that’s why Favourite Things in Dubai Marina have invited the people from the First Security Group to deliver a Paediatric First Aid Course for mothers and helpers.

The course will take place over two days (Aug 26 & Sep 2) between 9am – 1pm and you have to attend both sessions. And, although it could become the means of a life being saved, they’ve managed to negotiate the super cheap rates of just AED 350 for the entire course.

To book please call 04 434 1984 ASAP.

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